Our Communities

Colton has small school benefits with larger city benefits around it. While some may describe the town as being “rural” or “too small”, Colton is within 20 miles of roughly 100,000 people. Within those 20 miles are three universities with a huge variety of opportunities. Go on another 95 miles and there is Spokane, home to 215,000 people and Gonzaga University.

Some benefits of being a part of the Colton/Uniontown community
  • Great student to teacher ratios. Fewer students and more teachers promote more one on one time with teachers, better relationships between teachers and students, and more individualized lessons with each student! There is no room to slip through the cracks in smaller schools. This promotes more ideas, greater student participation in class, and helps students feel recognized for their efforts in school

  • After school program. Students with grades below a certain percentage in classes are required to attend one extra period after school to gain useful tutoring to improve grades and understanding in the subject in which the student is struggling.

  • Students are the center of school. Since the number of students at Colton is much fewer than a large school, the school is really based off of what is best for the students. All of the school’s focus can be zeroed in on the students.

  • Greater expectations. Our teachers care about students. Every teacher knows every student’s name (even those not in their class). Knowing everyone by name helps teachers connect with students and push them to do their absolute best. As a parent, you will know the teacher on a first name basis and can always discuss what is going on in the classroom.

  • Student Safety. With our size and population it is easy to spot a stranger. Security and discipline are very easy to maintain as well.

  • Student Led Conferences. Colton requires students to present student led conferences to their legal guardians. This shows parents firsthand what they do in their classes and how well they are doing it.

  • Everyone in each class (the whole grade, not just a specific class) gets to know one another very well. This can help when working together on a project or with school work in general if a classmate needs help.

  • Personal relationships are huge in a small community. The school board knows one another, the parents and community are always in full support or everything the students do, and you will always know everyone in the school. This kind of environment promotes school pride and a sense of belonging in the community. You are not just another number in the system at Colton; you are a member of the community.

  • Ideas and opinions can easily be taken to the school administration. There is no such thing as not knowing who to talk to about an idea or a problem. Everyone knows who owns a given area. Feedback and opinions are valued at Colton, we will be more than happy to hear you out.

  • The opportunities are huge in Colton. I have played every sport that I have wanted to and had all the playing time I have wanted and I am not alone. My teammates have had the same experience. With a small number of students and many opportunities available, there will be no waiting in line or tryouts. Sports are big in the community with a very successful record and a positive outlook for the future.

  • School Pride. With a small school like Colton you have a strong sense of belonging to a community and a huge sense of pride.

  • Community Pride. Activities are always well attended and supported by our community.