Bad Weather Procedures

When you get up in the morning and you can’t see the road for all the blowing snow, you might start asking yourself. “What am I going to do about sending the children to school?” Listed below are the procedures the school district will follow when (and if) bad weather occurs.

The Colton School District will call each student and employee through an automated dialing system. A digital recording will announce all closures or late start days. This system will also call local and regional TV and radio stations for publication. Please see the list of stations that will receive the notification.


We will choose one of three options depending on the conditions:

  • We will call off school for the entire day.

  • We will delay the buses and start school late.

  • We will run only emergency bus runs, staying off the side roads to avoid snow and icy conditions. In this case you will be responsible to get your child to the emergency route pickup points before and after school.

Emergency Bus Routes
  • If emergency bus routes our utilized in the morning they will also be utilized in the afternoon.

  • Information concerning pick-up sites and times for emergency routes can be found under the transportation tab under parent information.